Orlando Bloom’s “The Good Doctor” debuts first trailer

The Good Doctor Trailer Video

I thought Orlando Bloom was really busy being a dad and he no longer has a passion for memorizing scripts and saying them in a dead monotone voice in front of a camera. But hey, Legolas has a new movie coming out and it looks pretty good (but not for every taste, of course). Check out the just released trailer for “The Good Doctor” after the jump.

Synopsis: British medical student Martin E. Blake (Bloom) transfers to a Southern California hospital to start his residency. Charming and handsome, Martin is in reality an arrogant individual who longs to wield power over others. After starting out badly with patients and on thin ice with his superiors, 18-year-old Diane Nixon (Riley Keough) comes in suffering from a kidney infection, this gives Martin a boost of self-esteem. However, when her health begins to improve, Martin fears losing her and begins tampering with her treatment to keep her next to him in the hospital. An orderly, Jimmy (Michael Peña), discovers this and threatens to expose Martin unless Martin gives him a steady supply of drugs.


“The Good Doctor” is set to hit theaters on August 31, in limited release. And before that, the Lance Daly-directed flick will be available on iTunes on July 27.