Oscar Winner Martin Scorsese Sued

Martin_ScorseseAcademy Award winner Martin Scorsese was sued by a company receiver of jailed financial advisorĀ Kenneth Starr.

Scorsese, 67, was sued by Aurora Cassirer, the receiver for Starr Investment Advisors, filedĀ the case against the director in New York Supreme Court. In the complaint, Scorsese is accused of not paying the 5% company fee for bookkeeping of his earned income between 2006 and 2010. The suit pegs for 600,00 USD.

The director / writer / producer/ actor / film historian cannot be reached for any comment.

Scorsese won the Oscar Award for Outstanding Direction for The Departed, which in turn won as Oscar Best Picture for 2006.

Company owner Kenneth Starr is in jail for wire fraud, securities fraud and misappropriation of funds. He is accused of stealing 59 million dollars from celebrities such as Scorsese, Uma Thurman and Al Pacino.

The complaint was filed so that the company may recover many of Starr’s assets as payment for many defrauded investors.