Oscars Betting Odds Out; Jeff Bridges, Sandra Bullock Favorites

If you’re looking to earn some cold cash from the Oscars on Sunday, Jeff Bridges and Sandra Bullock are your safest bets. Odds-makers have picked Jeff Bridges, who is nominated for “Crazy Hearts,” to get the Academy’s nod for Best Actor, with  bettors needing to gamble $ 6 to win $ 1. George Clooney for “Up in the Air” has a 13-1 chance of taking home an Oscar.

In the Best Actress category, Sandra Bullock has a slight edge over perennial contender Meryl Streep. Bullock has been getting a lot of buzz for her powerful performance in “The Blind Side.” Streep is nominated for “Julie & Julia.” Kathryn Bigelow of “The Hurt Locker” is favored over her ex-husband James Cameron of “Avatar” in the Best Director race. A $ 5 bet on Bigelow will win you $ 1 if she runs away with the trophy on Sunday.

However, odds-makers are calling it a virtual tie between “Hurt Locker” and “Avatar” in the Best Picture category.