Oscars fake winners list


There’s an Oscars winners list doing the rounds on the internet and the Oscar organizers have dismissed a list claiming to reveal all those poised for Academy Awards as a “complete fraud”.

Academy spokeswoman Leslie Unger said it was a forgery and the event’s auditors were still counting votes.

“The document is a complete fraud,” she said.

“There are only two people there who will know the complete list of winners in advance of the envelopes being opened during the ceremony.”

The document circulating on the internet names the following nominees as winners:
And the fake winners are:

Mickey Rourke as best actor in “The Wrestler”
Heath Ledger as best supporting actor in “The Dark Knight”
Kate Winslet as best actress in “The Reader“
Amy Adams as best supporting actress in “Doubt”

The interesting part of the list is Slumdog Millionaire winning the Best Picture and Best Cinematography category with Danny Boyle winning as Best Director.

It will be more interesting to see if the list and the result will be a complete match right? Let’s wait until tomorrow!

You can see the full list “fake winners” here

[source: TMZ and BBC]