Over-the-counter ‘memory pill’ available soon

memory pill available soon

Are you always forgetting important dates and occasions? Good news! Soon a memory enhancing pill will be available over-the-counter to help you out.

Drug companies AstraZeneca and Targacept, are trying to develop a milder form of memory boosting drug which is originally designed to treat Alzheimer’s disease. Epix Pharmaceuticals is also developing a second type of pill. Both have “cognitive-enhancing effects” which are aimed at treating patients with age-related memory loss.

Steven Ferris, a neurologist and former committee member of the Food and Drug Administration in the US, said that it will only be a matter of time before a milder version will be available as a ‘lifestyle pill.’

“My view is that one could gain approval, provided you showed the drugs to be effective and safe,” said Ferris. “It could be a huge market.”

There is some evidence that mind-improving drugs are already being taken in the UK.

Provigil, which is used to cure Narcolepsy, is taken by some students to help them stay awake, while Adderall XR and Ritalin, which is for attention deficit disorder, can be used to help enhance concentration.

Shire, the British company that manufacturers Adderall XR told the Times that many of its customers were likely to be healthy, however, that there are risks since it can raise blood pressure so young people shouldn’t be talking it.