Overload Hits Halo Reach Beta Release

Halo-ReachLooks like things are going good for the creators and publishers of the upcoming first-person shooter video game Halo: Reach.

On the first day of the beta release last Monday, May 3, over a million players hit the servers, and that is during the wee hours alone. This made it difficult for more players to check out the game as servers hit overload.

The total number of players who joined on day one actually surpassed the total number of players who joined during the entire beta release period of Halo 3.

According to developer Bungie the exact number of unique players is at 1,170.112 with each one averaging to have played 14 games. Yup, that means 14 million games played on the pilot day. Total number of kills registered at 157 million.

The game will be published by Microsoft Game Studios for the console XBox. Release date is still to be determined but it has a target of coming out this fall.

The story plot is set in the year 2552, shortly before the events of the very first Halo series game Halo: Combat Evolved.