Pacquiao-Cotto 24/7 Episode 2

Pacquiao Cotto 24/7 episode 2

Pacquiao-Cotto 24/7 Episode 2 – The countdown to the upcoming fight between the No.1 pound-for-pound boxer in the world Manny Pacquiao and Miguel Cotto is underway and HBO is here to capture the moments leading to the “Pacquiao vs Cotto” match this coming November 14 at the MGM Grand Las Vegas, Nevada.

It’s all access, from the Philippines, to Puerto Rico, to Las Vegas.  This is Pacquiao-Cotto 24/7!

HBO’s Pacquiao-Cotto 24/7 is a four-part series that will be aired every Saturday. Episode 3 will be on November 7, while Episode 4 will be televised on the eve of the fight on November 13.

Pacquiao-Cotto 24/7 Episode 2

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