Pakistan Mosque Attacks Kill 52

Gunmen launched almost-simultaneous attacks on two Pakistan mosques in Lahore City, killing more than 50 people in another violent siege on minority sects. The attacks on Friday left 52 members of minority sect Ahmadis dead, while no less than 152 others were injured.

The gunmen easily entered the two mosques at a time when the Ahmadis were deep in their Friday prayers. Authorities said the suspects used grenades and high-powered rifles in the attack against sectarian group, which is one of the most oppressed in the country. The Ahmadis call themselves Muslims, but consider their founder Mirza Ghulam Ahmad as a prophet of God, essentially discrediting Muhammad as the last prophet of Islam.

A leader of the Ahmadis said that they had asked for additional security from authorities after the two mosques received threats but their calls apparently fell on deaf ears. Witnesses said four gunmen attacked the mosque located in the Model Town neighborhood while at least seven armed militants entered the other mosque, which is located in the Garhi Shahu area.