Pakistan quake death toll increases

pakistan-quake-victimsIt was previously reported here that the Pakistan quake on Wednesday with a 6.4 magnitude killed more than 100 people.

More than a hundred people have been killed after a strong earthquake with a magnitude of 6.4 hit south-western Pakistan, officials say.

But a current report says that Pakistan officials fear that the quake victims might be up to 300. The death toll is expected to increase as rescuers continue to search for the bodies that might be buried under fragments of rocks when the calamity leveled about 2,000 mud-walled houses. It was estimated that up to 50,000 people were left homeless.

The epicenter of earthquake was in Ziarat district, about 60 km north of Balochistan’s capital Quetta.


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It was estimated that the earth quake left up to 50,000 homeless people.

Since the disaster occurred, there have been as many as 20 aftershocks recorded and the highest was a 6.2 magnitude. Officials warned the people that there are more aftershocks to be expected.

Watch the video of the damage here.