Pakistan sets tree planting record, ousts India


India managed to set a Guinness World Record just last month for the most trees planted in one day, with a tally of 447,874 individual saplings planted, but Pakistan has managed to up that even more Wednesday.

Pakistani volunteers, numbering to about 300 people, managed to plant 541,176 trees along about 750 acres of land in the Indus river delta region last July 15. That number officially gives them the Guinness World Record.

The Pakistan government states that the activity is part of a number of events slated by the country for the observation of the national year of the environment.

Approximately a billion rupees have been reportedly allotted by the government for the support and assistance in ensuring that the trees eventually grow. However, experts have also speculated that the plants will have difficulty surviving in the area, because of a trend in diminishing water in the vicinity.