Palin’s $150K makeover

The life of a vice-presidential aspirant may be tough, but it can also be glamorous – $150,000 glamorous.

The Republican National Committee has reportedly spent about that figure on Governor Sarah Palin‘s clothing since she was chosen as John McCain’s running mate less than two months ago.

That figure includes thousands of dollars worth of hair and makeup sessions along with shopping sprees at luxury stores like Saks Fifth Avenue, Barneys New York, and Neiman Marcus.

A look at Sarah Palin’s pre-VP proclamation showed this lady needed a good cut and color and a wardrobe enhancement.

So when it was announced today that the GOP has spent a $150K making over Sarah, I was barely surprised.

Alaska is a state where women are more frequently seen in Mukluk boots and heavy furs than stilettos and luxurious clothes, but thrust into the national spotlight, Mrs. Palin has adopted a new look.

If Palin’s $2,500 Valentino jacket seems expensive, consider that Barack Obama wears Hart Schaffner Marx suits that retail for about $1,500. John McCain consistently wears $520 Salvatore Ferragamo loafers, while Vanity Fair editors estimated that one outfit worn by Cindy McCain cost $313,100, including diamond earrings and pearl necklace.