Palin Open to Running for President

Gunning for the presidency in 2012 is in the radar of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. The former vice-presidential candidate said in an interview with Fox News that she would consider running for president if she feels that it is the “right thing to do for our country and for the Palin family.”

A recent survey puts the controversial ex-beauty queen as the top runner for the Republican nomination with a five-point lead over another former governor, Mitt Romney. Palin said she is committed to doing what she can to help the country, whether it is by being president or by just doing “a darn good job as a reporter or covering some of the current events.” She has recently been hired by Fox News as a political analyst.

Palin’s personal life and sometimes amusing commentaries have made her a fodder for controversy. She became an instant celebrity with the release of her memoirs Going Rouge in November last year. The book, which gave people a peek at her personal life, became an instant best-seller with more than a million copies sold in less than two weeks.