Panasonic and Best Buy Launch 3D Television Bundle

Electronics retailer Best Buy has partnered up with Japanese multinational electronics corporation regarding the sale of its first bundle of television sets with 3D features.Panasonic-3D

The TV set bundle costs $2,899.99 and includes a 50-inch plasma 3D Viera set, a 3D compatible Blu-Ray Disc player and a single pair of 3D glasses. The bundle is being sold exclusively at Best Buy.

The launch was conducted in Manhattan Union Square. A couple who was offered the bundle before the event bought the first set. Including the taxes, they paid a total of $3,100.

This is not the first partnership when it comes to 3D TV however. Samsung had a deal also with Best Buy for its own 3D TV bundle. Samsung also recently launched 3D Blu-Ray players and an electronic reader named E6 for electronic books.

The main problem however with 3D TV is the still limited resources where shows and films feature 3D technology. Panasonic and DirecTV plans to launch 2 broadcast channels and 1 Video on demand channel with 3D content by June 2010. Imax, Sony and Discovery Channel plans to setup a 24-hour broadcast channel in the US by the end of 2010.