‘Paranormal Activity’ tops North American box office


An ultra low-budget horror flick has taken Hollywood by storm after raking in $22 million over the weekend, rounding the movie’s total earnings to close to $67 million!

Paramount’s “Paranormal Activity” was made for just $15,000 and features a cast of unknowns. The film expanded from 863 theaters to 1,945 this weekend and slayed its horror film competitors including “Saw VI” to claim the top spot in North America’s pre-Halloween box office.

“Paranormal” is about a young, middle class couple who were haunted by a supernatural presence in the middle of the night—so they decided to set up a video camera to catch it.

The film gained its blockbuster status through a combination of conventional advertising and cheap internet-based tactics (blogging and tweeting kids whose online raves have gone viral). And according to the Los Angeles Times, Paramount is “actively considering producing a sequel.”

Watch the trailer here: