Paris Hilton Escapes Marijuana Charge

Paris Hilton has survived another brush with the law after South African police decided not to file any charges against the socialite, who was reportedly arrested on Friday on suspicion of possessing marijuana.

South African authorities said Hilton and a companion, Jennifer Rovero, were detained on Friday after they were suspected of smoking marijuana during the Brazil-Netherlands World Cup match.

Authorities dropped the charge against Hilton after Rovero pleaded guilty to possessing cannabis. South African police spokeswoman Brig. Sally De Beer said Rovero faces a $ 130 fine or a 30-day prison sentence.

Hilton’s publicist confirmed the incident in a statement, saying that “the case has been dropped against Paris and no charges will be made.” The publicist also described Hilton’s latest encounter with authorities as nothing but a “complete misunderstanding.”

Hilton took to Twitter to address what she called as “rumors.” “Hey guys, there’s a lot of crazy rumors going around. Just want you all to know the truth. Everything is completely fine. I was not charged or arrested, cause I didn’t do anything,” she said.