Patrons encouraged to have sex in restaurant bathroom

A restaurant in Toronto, Canada is encouraging customers to try having sex in their unisex bathrooms.bathroom-sign

Mildred’s Temple Kitchen at Hanna Avenue, Liberty Village is having a Valentine’s Day promotion by explicitly encouraging patrons to make love in their comfort rooms. The restaurant is even suggesting to include their bathroom to the list of 101 places to have sex before you die.

People who will avail of this particular service must bring their own condoms. A maid will be cleaning up after the bathroom is used.

Regarding health risks, the Toronto Public Health office said, “As far as bodily fluids, it’s pretty much similar to the other human functions going on in there.” So long as there are no sex in the kitchen and that the restaurant keep the washroom sanitized an clean, there would be no problems and no laws broken.

The promo runs February 12-15. However, at the time of the writing of this article, the restaurant is already fully booked over that weekend.