Pattinson Leaves Seacrest Interview Due to Kristen Question

American Idol and radio host Ryan Seacrest suddenly found himself without a guest to interview after Robert Pattinson left him in the middle of their conversation after being asked about his relationship with Twilight saga co-lead star Kristen Stewart.


Seacrest was allowed to interview Pattinson for some minutes during the New Moon premier. The young British actor gamely answered some questions before Ryan gave the trigger question. He asked, “What do you say to your fans who are desperate to know about you and your co-star Kristen?”

Pattinson looked to his publicist who jumped in and cut off the interview. The host tried to continue by saying that the question seems a fair one. Robert raised his arms and stood up commenting that people should watch the New Moon movie since it is a good film.

Comments sparked that it’s either there were simply no more time for another question or that Seacrest broke a cardinal rule for the Twilight cast and had asked an “off-limit” question. Many believe that it is about the question being “off-limit.”

New Moon, meanwhile, continues to break box office records, smashing the biggest box office record for a single day at $72.7 million then exceeding expectations by placing third highest opening weekend sales in domestic history instead of fifth. The movie already earned $258 million worldwide.