People of Walmart

It happens all the time. You go to Walmart and you see all sorts of people. Some out of shape, some dressed as superheroes and some just plain funny. Yes, we laugh at them but someone (or a group actually, 2 brothers and their buddy…) has taken this to the next level by posting pictures of these funny moments on their website – their now viral website that is.

Visit the People of Walmart website and checkout the latest funny images on “interesting” people. Not only will you have a quick laugh, you’ll also have a new invigorated reason to go and shop at Walmart!

On the other hand, the creators of the site have clarified that they do filter the images that they post on their website. They do not include pictures of disabled people be it physically or mentally and won’t run a picture of a person just because he or she is overweight.

Well, that’s a relief to hear. 🙂