Phil Younghusband loves BlackBerry Messenger

Phil Younghusband  loves BBM

Phil Younghusband, the Fil-British star midfielder of the Philippine seniors’ national football team, is the latest advocate of BlackBerry® Messenger (BBM™), the highly popular mobile social network for the global BlackBerry® community.

Phil grew up living and breathing football. Football is his avenue for self-expression, which he feels is the reason behind his mad love for BBM.

When Phil gets off the football field, the first thing he checks is his BBM. “I’d get congratulations, you played well, or you didn’t play so well. It is a good way to communicate and let friends and family know how I feel after a game,” Phil said. “I can send unlimited messages without worrying about SMS fees,” he added.

Phil loves expressing himself using emoticons on BBM. “You can make someone smile by using emoticons,” he said. “There are so many ways you can express yourself on BBM.”

Nowadays, he gets to share his passion for football with the youth through The Younghusband Football Academy. “I need to coordinate with a lot of people, coaches, management, and players. BBM gives me the opportunity. It’s so easy to use and keeps me connected.”

With more than 43 million people actively using the service around the world and an astounding 2,500 new users being added every hour, BBM is the world’s largest mobile social network platform.

“Don’t be afraid of who you are; don’t be afraid to express yourself,” Phil is an advocate of being true to one’s self and doing what one loves to do.

Powered by BBM, Phil confidently says, “I’m not a footballer. I’m a messenger.”

Video: BlackBerry Messenger Philippines feat. Phil Younghusband

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