Photo: FHM Philippines’ “racist” cover featuring Bela Padilla

Bella Padilla FHM Philippines Photos

Filipina actress Bela Padilla flaunts her sexy bikini body on the March 2012 cover of FHM Philippines.

But wait! Take a closer look at the cover! It says “Bela Padilla: stepping out of the shadows”, with the 20-year-old Kapuso star surrounded by five girls covered in black paint. You might say: “What’s the fuss? It’s no big deal!” But we think this is very offensive. An international publication like FHM has no business reinforcing that “racist” stereotype, and we don’t understand how the editors and the art department of the mag would fail to recognize the sensitivity of the issue.

Details of Bela’s interview with the men’s magazine haven’t been released, but the cover alone has been getting a lot of criticism on social networking sites.