Photographer suspended over naked skier photos

An unfortunate skier in Vail, Colorado was left dangling upside down showing off his bum after a ski lift malfunction.

The Smoking Gun, which carries photos of the embarrassing incident, reports that an unnamed skier was the victim of a freak ski lift mishap on New Year’s Day.

vail naked skier

Now it’s all over the web! Perez Hilton, The Telegraph, BBC… just Google “naked ski lift” and bam! You’ll get the picture.

Marty Odom, the photographer who took the ski lift pantsless photos has been suspended until further notice from Sharpshooters, a company that takes pictures of skiers at different ski resorts.

But Odom told the Vail Daily News he’s not sorry for taking the photos.

“Everyone is talking about it and saying, ‘Oh, you’re the guy who took that photo.’” Odom said. “People love it. Everyone said it’s going to be a legend in Vail, hung up in every bar.”

“I would do it all over again,” he said. “Except now I’m on the job hunt, and this town isn’t looking too good right now.”