Pizza vending machine makes its debut


Italian designers unveiled a pizza vending machine yesterday. But unlike its American counterparts, the “Let’s Pizza” machine actually kneads the dough, spreads the sauce, and puts on the toppings.

The pizza can be bought for five euros (around 6 U.S dollars) and the machine is due to hit the streets of Italy in the next few weeks.

Claudio Torghele, inventor of the device has plans to bring the equipment to the United States as well as spread it around Europe.

“It looks like a coffee machine,” Torghele said. “The difference is that it produces pizza by means of a very simple procedure. The client can choose among four different types of pizza. He puts coins in the proper slots and the pizza is ready to eat in just two and a half minutes.”

The device was developed with help from Anglo-Dutch group Unilever, which tested it in Germany.

VIDEO: Pizza vending machine