Plant Explosion Occurred in Seabrook, Texas

A large plant explosion occurred early Wednesday, December 9 at the Seabrook Plant near Houston, Texas at the Bayport Terminal. No injuries have been reported.seabrook-explosion

The explosion occurred at 8:50 AM (CST). A large boom was heard afterwards from the chemical plant and the population near the area can see the black smoke from several miles. Houses were reported to have shaken and schools were ordered to lockdown. A portion of Texas 146 and Port Road were closed.

As of initial reports, the blast is said to have involved toluene substance but the company is quick to mention that the blast did not cause the release of the chemical. The substance can cause nausea and tiredness.

Firefighters were able to put out the fire that resulted from the explosion within an hour.

The Bayport Terminal, a container facility and chemical plantation, is located near seven miles east of Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center.