Plants vs. Zombies for iPhone hits $1 Million sales mark

plants vs zombies for iphone

A very addictive game called Plants vs. Zombies was launched for iPhone and iPod touch 9 days ago and the response was very positive.

According to Mashable, since its release on February 15, more than 300,000 iPhone and iPod touch users have already downloaded the application which costs $2.99. Mashable reports that it already hit the $1 Million sales mark and possibly broke the record for App Store launches. PvZ is currently the number one paid app in the apple app store.

PopCap developed Plants vs. Zombies originally for both PC and Mac and was launched in 2009.

I personally bought the app for my iPhone and I am really into it. I used to play it on my laptop but the touch screen “gameplay” for iPhone makes it easier for me to play it rather than using my mouse or the trackpad. For $2.99, I think its a solid app.