Playboy Model Burned, Boyfriend to Undergo Lie Detector Test

A burned body found last Sunday, January 3, was identified to be that of Paula Sladewski, a 26-year-old model for Playboy.paula-sladeswski-murdered

The body was found in a North Miami dumpster and it was way beyond recognition. Authorities said that dental records were used to give a name to the body.

Sladewski posed once for Playboy magazine. She was last seen at around 7 AM Sunday. Her boyfriend Kevin Klym reported that she was missing last Monday, January 4.

According to reports, they were together during the Miami New Year’s Eve Show of Lady Gaga and they got into an argument during the party.

The model’s parents have begged for their daughter to end her relationship with her boyfriend. They claimed that they are always having a fight, sometimes getting physical. Sladewski was even arrested last summer after hitting him in the head with a bottle during one of their heated arguments.

He has agreed to undergo a lie-detector test in connection to his girlfriend’s murder.