Playstation 3 System Version Upgrade Blocks Jailbreaking

PS3_and_PS3SlimSony has released the latest version (version 3.42) of the system software for Playstation 3 (PS3) with the sole aim of adding security features, including disabling a jailbreaking exploit and its variants.

A spokesman from the company declined to give any details about the upgrade but they did give this comment to BBC News: “Since this is an overall security related issue, we will not be providing further commentary to this case. But as we always have, we will continue to take necessary actions to both hardware and software to protect the intellectual content provided on the PlayStation 3.”

The update is said to block PSJailbreak and PSGroove applications. The first allows users to play pirated software while the second one focuses on open source code which allows homemade games to be played on the PS3.

Users have different reactions for the update ranging from approving it to complaining that the company is spending too much time with security features to telling the company that they do not listen in giving the features that they would like implemented on the PS3.