PlayStation Move is on the Move

Sony finally launched its motion-sensitive controller last Wednesday, March 10. It is named as Playstation

It is a small device that looks like either a microphone or an aircraft traffic wand. It has an orb at the end which can glow in a variety of colors. It has a PlayStation Eye webcam to track the wand’s position and inertial sensors to detect its motion. It will have a Bluetooth 2.0 wireless radio communication. The light at the orb can be used for aesthetic effects such as a muzzle flash of a gun.

The controller is aimed in taking dominance over the motion controller wars. It will compete with the Wii controller and Project Natal of Microsoft for Xbox 360 (slated for release by Christmas).

It is expected to be released by Fall 2010 with a starter kit priced at under 100 dollars.

Sony actually started the motion controller era when it released the Eye Toy in 2003 for PlayStation 2.