Polanski Breaks Silence

roman-polanskiDetained director Roman Polanski broke his silence Sunday, May 2, regarding his extradition case.

His statement said, “I have decided to break my silence in order to address myself directly to you without any intermediaries and in my own words. I have had my share of dramas and joys, as we all have, and I am not going to try to ask you to pity my lot in life. I ask only to be treated fairly like anyone else.”

The 76 years old is currently under house arrest in Switzerland while waiting for his extradition to Los Angeles. He pleaded guilty in 1977 of having an unlawful sex with then 13 year old girl, Samantha Geimer. He fled the country in 1978 with the belief that he will be serving more jail time.

The Swiss police arrested him last September 2009 at the Zurich Airport. He was to accept a lifetime achievement award from the Zurich Film Festival.