Pole Dancing Lessons from Cambridge University

Female students of Cambridge University can add one more option to combat stress brought upon by the pressure of studies. The choice? Pole dancing.pole-dancing

The Cambridge Union Society will conduct the pole dancing lessons in the Blue Room of the union’s buildings. The Blue Room is commonly used for debate events and as an assembly area for students when honored speakers are to give addresses. Some of the those who gave speeches there were Winston Churchill, Theodore Roosevelt and Jawaharlal Nehru.

The union is already conducting weekly pilates and yoga lessons.

Union spokespersons are stating that there is nothing degrading about the proposal. The classes, they claim, are for fitness and not intended to be sexual. In fact, high heels are discouraged and ladies are recommended to use trainers or go barefoot. They also said that the said activity could actually help make one feel accomplished and empowered.

“Pole dancing is a form of uninhibited self-expression which releases suppressed emotions the way belly dancing has done for over 5,000 years,” said Debbie Mendel, author of Addicted to Stress.