Police cars, van, helicopter stop birthday party


… all because it was advertised as an “all night” party over Facebook.

Andrew Poole‘s 30th birthday party had been cut short barely an hour into, when four police cars, a riot van, and even a helicopter stormed into his birthday party with 15 guests in an isolated field in Sowton, Devon, UK last Saturday.

Poole had invited his family and friends over the social networking site Facebook, admitting that he did mention “all night” just in case any of his guests wanted to stay overnight.

“What effectively the police did was come in and stop 15 people eating burgers,” Poole said.

Police had stopped the party under section 63 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994, which allows officers to remove people from raves, characterized by loud music and successive beats at night.

The event was held in an isolated field.