Potential Jail Time Awaits Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay LohanProblem prone Lindsay Lohan may be facing jail time for violating a judge’s instruction set to her last December 2009.

Lohan was instructed by Judge Marsha Revel to attend alcohol education classes once every week. She specifically said during that time that “This has to be a top priority whether she has a job somewhere else or doesn’t or something else comes up. This has to be done once a week. Right now, the other things will take second place and this will take first place.”

She has also been marked for three years probation.

The class where Lohan attends to reported that the actress is not reporting regularly. It was reported that sometimes she waits for twenty days before attending again. State law requires alcohol schools to report attendance violation by the 21st day. Though Lohan might be adhering to the state law she is not following the judge’s specific instructions.

Her next court hearing is scheduled on May 20.