Power Plant Explodes in Middletown, Connecticut

middletwon power plant explosionAn explosion occurred around 11:30 a.m at the Kleen Energy natural gas and oil plant on River Road Middletown, Connecticut on Sunday, February 7.

Early reports say a natural gas leak could have caused the explosion that killed at least two people and injured as many as 100. The two casualties have been confirmed by Middletown police, Sgt. Chuck Jacobucci.

Here are the details gathered by News Channel 8 from authorities at the command post:

* There are at least two fatalities.
* 50 workers believed in the building today
* This was a working construction site
* Workers were doing a ‘blow down’ to clear gas from the lines when the explosion occurred
* No word on where the workers are from
* Fire is completely out
* State Police Major Crimes Squad on the scene, with many other state, local agencies
* Ambulances leaving area without lights or sirens on
* Local residents told to stay away
* Windows at Conn Valley Hospital in Middletown broken out by the explosion

Watch the video report below by WTNH: