Powermat wireless chargers hit stores


This is definitely a painless way to charge things up!

The Powermat is a one-pad, one-plug system that charges all your gadgets in one place without wires. It can charge BlackBerrys, Nintendo DSs and even iPhones and iPods. All you need to do is place the device on top of the mat (yes, the one that looks like the new Tony Hawk ride controller) and it will be charged in almost the same amount of time as plugging it in.

The Powermat itself retails for $99.99, and costs another $40 per receiver. The receivers are skins that fit over a device so that it can use the mat to charge. Yeah I know it’s expensive, but this will allow you to lead a wireless lifestyle without a headache.

It’s now available at Best Buy and Target.

[via ZDNet]