Pras Belittles Wyclef Jean Presidential Plans

Over three months before Haitian voters pick their new president, declared candidate Wyclef Jean has already lost the support of a fellow celebrity and countryman.

Former Fugees Pras said in an interview with Usmagazine that he would not be supporting the candidacy of his ex-bandmate. Pras said Jean has no clear platform to convince voters that he could help bring progress to Haiti. “I don’t see what his real plans are. His plans are so general.” Pras said Jean should use his influence to compel countries to finally give the support they pledged for Haiti instead of running for president. “If he really wanted to help Haiti, he should have chosen his influence and champion and go around these countries that have pledged money to Haiti who have not given a single dime yet.”

Pras said he would support Michel Martelly instead of Jean during the November presidential elections. Martelly, also known as Sweet Micky, is a popular recording artist in his native Haiti. Pras said he believes that Martelly, not Jean, is the only candidate capable of uniting the earthquake-hit country. “He’s the only guy in Haiti who can unite the bourgeoisie, which is the elite, and the masses, which is the youth. They have such an affinity for this guy. They admire him so much and will do anything for him.”

Photo from Wikimedia Commons.