Predictive Texting not radiation affects children’s brains

texting-and-radiationChildren who used their phones more frequently, especially for predictive texting (the service that automatically complete words) finished tests sooner but with more incorrect answers, researchers said.

In a recently conducted test called MoRPhEUS (Mobile Radiofrequency Phone Exposed Users’ Study) on 317 children between 11 and 14 years of age, the researchers were able to see the relationship between mobile phone use and brain power.

“The kids who used their phones a lot were faster on some of the tests, but were also less accurate,” says Michael Abramson, Epidemiologist Professor of Monash University.

Professor Abramson also said that the results were the same regardless of whether the children were making phone calls or just texting. He says the amount of radiation transmitted when texting or making voice calls is not to blame for the brain effects.

[via ABC Science]