Pregnant woman gets pregnant (again?)


Superfetation is the formation of a fetus while another one is already present in the uterus. Not the same as the formation of twins, it is an occurrence not unusual in some animal species such as mice and horses, but in humans, it is a biological condition that very rarely, if ever, happens.  So one can only imagine the look on a certain Julia Grovenburg’s face when she was informed by her ultrasound technician that she had achieved superfetation.

Grovenburg, a 31-year-old American, has fallen pregnant again within just two weeks from her first baby’s conception. The first baby, a girl, is due on December 24 while the second, a boy, is due on January 10, but doctors have suggested that both be delivered at the same time in December to avoid more serious complications.

What makes this news even odder is that Grovenburg and her husband tried for three years to have kids prior to the event.

“We even refused to do in-vitro or fertility drugs because we didn’t want multiples. I guess God is having the last laugh.”

[via Daily Mail]