Price War Ongoing Between Electronic Book Readers

nook-barnes-and-noble-ereaderIf you are not one of those who got convinced to join the Apple iPad hype and you love reading electronic books, then here is good news for you. Prices for popular electronic book readers went down in a price war frenzy.

Barnes & Noble dropped the price of their device, the Nook (pictured), from $259 to $199. Not only that, it also introduced a wi-fi version only of the gadget which is tagged at $149.

Amazon then lowered the price of Kindle from $259 to $189, that’s $10 lower than the Nook.

Both gadgets are probably reacting to the popularity of iPad rather than with each other. The iPad, whose lowest price stands at $499, already had 2 million units sold in just two months. The Nook is already out in the market for nine months yet it is struggling in sales.

The market is now watching whether Sony‘s Pocket Edition model, currently priced at $169, and BordersKobo, currently at $150, will follow suit. Both don’t have wireless access.