Priest Advises Flock to Shoplift

British priest Tim Jones has advised the poor in his congregation to shoplift or steal from big businesses if they have run out of options to legally get cash.

The parish priest of Saint Lawrence and Saint Hilda in York said on his sermon last Sunday, December 20, that stealing from large chain stores is sometimes the best option open to vulnerable people. He said that this is better rather than stealing from small and/or family-run businesses and far more better than people resorting to mugging or prostitution.

The Archdeacon of York is quick to respond. “The Church of England does not advise anyone to shoplift”. The North Yorkshire Police meanwhile has declared his sermon as “highly irresponsible.”

This is not the first time that the married, father-of-two priest has made the news. In May 2008, he made a protest against stationery aimed at children that were branded with Playboy. He went to the local shops and threw those merchandises on the floor.

For the full detail of his statements, click here for the BBC report.