Prince Harry “Stumbles” for Charity

Third in line to the British throne Prince Henry of Wales, or more affectionately called Prince Harry, let out a royal tantrum in a polo match – but for the right reason.Prince-Harry-2008

A wealthy businessman gave the royal prince a bet that if he can stay in his horse during a fund-raising polo match, he would be donating 100,000 Barbados dollars (55,000 US dollars).

The prince was thrown headfirst when his horse slipped after its legs gave way. He stood up and thinking that he have lost the money, threw off his mallet, removed his helmet and punched in the air in frustration while shouting “What a waste of 100,000”.

The wealthy businessman clearly seeing that it was the horse’s fault declared that the prince kept his part of the bet. He still then gave the prize money. The prince then became so happy and grateful to the man. He even called him a star.

The money will be given to his charity Sentebale, a charity aimed on helping poor children in the African Kingdom of Lesotho. The fund-raising event is called Sentebale Polo Cup and conducted in Barbados.

In the end, the prince expressed, “It looks like we may have raised £500,000 for the vulnerable children of Lesotho, so I couldn’t be more pleased.”