Prince Harry Throws in First Pitch

prince_harryThird in line to the British Throne His Royal Highness Prince Henry of Wales is in New York for a three-day visit to bolster fellowship between British and American war veterans. In between schedule, the prince, more popularly known as Prince Harry, 25, dropped in at a game between New York Mets and Minnesota Twins. He threw in the ceremonial pitch.

The younger son of The Prince of Wales, Prince Charles, looked nervous while waiting for the signal to make the throw. Wearing a white shirt and a blue Mets cap, he finally relaxed when he threw in the ball after the announcer said, “Prince Harry, It’s your pitch!”

For all that is worth it, the throw was a bit high but crossed the plate. Mets catcher Rod Barajas was able to catch it and then shook hands with the prince. It was a good throw from someone who plays polo.

The Mets lost to Twins.