Prince of Wales Borrowed Money Then Paid Them Later

Charles-Prince-of-WalesThe Prince of Wales, Prince Charles reportedly borrowed around 3000 pounds in 2007 from his protection officers and later paid them. He was short with money at that time and needed it for travel expenses.

The British throne heir paid via Clarence House 2,744.34 pounds (3,029 euros, 4,461 dollars) December 4, 2007. Scotland Yard cashed in the cheques December 17 of the same year.

Members of the royal family are not expected to be bringing cash or credit cards during travels abroad so they sometimes ask their protection guards money for expenses. They pay them later of course. However no one from Scotland Yard nor from Clarence House would confirm the 2007 incident.

Prince Charles earned around 16.46 million pounds last year from the Duchy of Cornwall while the government from the taxpayers’ funds gave him three million pounds.

The last time the Prince was out of the country was last month when he went to Turkey and Uganda with his wife Camille, Duchess of Cornwall.