Prison Inmates dancing “Jai Ho”

CPDRC Inmates

Cebu, Philippines – Prisoners from Cebu City became popular on the internet 2 years ago because of their dance videos uploaded on YouTube.  They became a YouTube sensation in the Philippines after the main stream local media featured them on prime time news. The popularity all started with the record breaking “Algorithm March” performance with 967 prisoners doing the act.


This time the CPDRC inmates is dancing to the tune of”Jai Ho” complete with Jamal and Latika from the award winning movie “Slumdog Millionaire” where the song became popular. Watch the videos below. Enjoy!

JAI HO (Remix)

Algorithm March with Prisoners

These guys have done tons of videos including “Thriller”, “Radio Gaga”, “Rico Mambo”, and “Low”.
You can check the videos here.