Project Natal Becomes Kinect; XBox 360 Slim Rumored

Microsoft-Game-StudiosAt the first day of the pre-E3 events, Microsoft finally unveiled the name of its latest gadget, which is a controller-free device. Meanwhile, rumors surfaced that there will be a slimmer version for XBox 360.

Project Natal has been given its formal name, the Kinect. The first official details about the device, which will allow users to play video games without, yes, you read it right, WITHOUT, the need of a controller, were announced at the pre-E3 event. The official date of its release and its price will probably be announced on the actual dates of the E3 2010 slated June 14-17.

Here is a list of some of the games for Kinect as reported by USA Today:

  • Kinectimals: train and play with 20 different feline members of the animal kingdom, including tigers, lions and cheetah.
  • Kinect Sports: the equivalent to Wii Sports and features table tennis, boxing, bowling, soccer, beach volleyball, and track and field. (Yes, all motion-controlled.)
  • Joyride: a probable kart-style racer game.
  • Kinect Adventures: a river raft simulator and obstacle course for up to four players.
  • Dance Central: motion-controlled dance-off, developed by MTV Games.

Meanwhile, an advertisement was seen reporting that there will be a redesigned, slimmer version of XBox 360. It is reported that it will have Wi-Fi and 250 GB hard drive. A website from Italy called Console Tribe leaked the advertisement. It has already removed the advertisement. Microsoft refuses to make any comments.