Provincetown School Officials Revisiting Condom Policy

Condom-rolledThe school system of Provincetown in the state of Massachusetts will be revisiting a policy that has sparked national debates. The policy in question allows schools to give away condoms to all students, including first graders.

The policy will allow school nurses to give condoms to students who will ask for it, even if those students are in the first grade. School nurses will not be obliged to call the parents if their kids asked for condoms. Students however need to talk to guidance counselors first before they can seek out the contraceptives and to have a talk about abstinence. To add more to the policy, the school will not grant any requests from parents to have their children “opt out” from the program.

Governor Deval Patrick called School Superintendent Beth Singer to clarify the issue. This prompted the review.

School Committee Chairman Peter Grosso meanwhile said that if there will be revisions he will object it if it will be limited to high school students only.

“Not at all,” he said. The policy would “have to go lower than that, because we all know kids are sexually active before high school.”

Condoms, he believed should be available starting from fifth graders and up.