Quenching That Thirst: the British Public’s Favourite Drinks

beerBeer gardens are a part of the British summer that we just can’t live without. While the good old British pubs might be few and far between nowadays, many of us still find ourselves searching for anywhere that sells a drink, has a garden and attracts the sun whenever the temperatures start to rise.

The British summer is known for being, well, brief; and for that reason it’s easy to understand why we’re so impatient to get to the pub – many of us even doing so on our lunch breaks sometimes just to soak up the sun while it’s here (mostly because it’s usually gone by the end of work or the weather takes a turn at the weekend!)

You can always tell when it’s summer in Britain, mostly because fashion trends change overnight from coats and hooded tops to shorts, flip flops and light tops; but also because of our food and drink tastes (no pun intended!)

Changing seasons, changing tastes
We go from wanting meals in fancy restaurants to the kind of things we can eat outdoors, and ice creams – most notably the good old “99” with a flake and strawberry sauce. Yum!

Of course, you can also see more people sitting outside pubs and bars either on tables just outside the entrance or in the typical beer garden if it has a grassed or play area for the children.

31DOVER.com, who sell spirits online, recently performed a study to see just what gets us Brits going in the pubs these days. After all, now people are racing from work to the boozer, what are they choosing? We know that we have several national dishes, like a Sunday roast or a full English breakfast, but the Brits don’t really have a national drink – like the Irish with Guinness.

The nation has voted
The study certainly revealed some interesting statistics. Of the 400 people who took part in the survey, the majority – 69 (17.4%) – voted in favour of beer, or real ale. The second most popular choice was wine with 47 votes (11.9%), although these votes didn’t specify a type of wine – such as red, white or rose. When you add them all together, wine actually picked up a total of 67 votes.

Vodka and cider were the next most popular selection from behind the bar with 42 votes each, making up 10.6% of those surveyed, holding off lager by just one vote.

When you pull the types of drinks together, however, spirits become the nation’s favourite drink. This included the likes of Jack Daniels, Captain Morgan’s rum, vodka, gin and amaretto.

Strangely, the real “summer drink” in the UK – Pimm’s – only picked up 6 votes (the same as Guinness), although being a seasonal drink you might expect that to change or be affected by people’s tastes over the course of the year.

If you break the results down and look into it by gender, women tended to favour spirits (77 votes) and wine (42 votes); while men voted in equal favour of spirits and real ale (40 apiece).