Rafael Marquez, Israel Vazquez Out to Prove Naysayers Wrong

With no clear winner in their third fight, Rafael Marquez and Israel Vazquez will duke it out for the fourth time, and probably the last time, on Saturday at the Staples Center. The fourth fight between the two warriors comes after Vazquez snatched a split decision win when he knocked down Marquez in the 12th round of their third fight in 2008.

Another thing at stake for the two warriors are the chance to prove that they still have something to offer despite the damages wrought by their three brutal fights. Marquez, who comes into the fight coming off a third-round KO of Jose Francisco Mendoza in May last year, is trying to prove he still has it at the age of 35. Vazquez, on the other hand, will try to show that the damaged retina he sustained in his last fight against Marquez has completely healed. Vazquez is also coming off a KO victory in his last fight, taking down Angel Antonio Priolo in the ninth round of their ten-round bout in October 2009.

During Friday’s weigh in, where the two fighters both tipped the scales at 125 and 1/2 pounds, Marquez promised that “it’s going to be a war” come Saturday. Their first fight ended with Vazquez retiring with a broken nose in seventh round. Vazquez returned the favor in the second bout with a sixth-round TKO of Marquez. And going by the way these two boxers went at each other over the 25 rounds they have been in the ring together, there is no doubt that Vazquez-Marquez IV is sure to be an action-packed fight.