Ralph Macchio Comments on the Karate Kid Reboot

200px-Karate_Kid_2010“I felt old,” declared Ralph Macchio regarding the reboot of the Karate Kid story, a franchise that shot him to fame in the 1980s.

The original Karate Kid attended the Hollywood premiere of the latest installment. He was asked by Access Hollywood about the reboot.

“It’s like mixed feelings. At first, I felt old. Number one, you feel old when they start remaking your stuff,” he said. After he get past it, he said that it’s okay to do it because it a testament to the legacy that the films have created.

Macchio, 48, starred in the first three Karate Kid films. A fourth one in 1994 starred Academy Award winner Hillary Swank.

He brought to the event his 14-year-old son Daniel, which was named after his character in the series.

The 2010 installment stars Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan, who took the reigns as the karate teacher from Pat Morita. Smith is the son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, co-producers of the upcoming installment, which hits theaters June 11.