Randy Quaid, Wife Jailed

Judge Frank Ochoa of the California Superior Court has had enough of Randy Quaid and wife Evi’s absenteeism from court hearings. The Quaids were locked up for several hours before they were released on a $100,000 bail bond for missing previous court dates.

The Quaids, who are accused of running away from a $10,000 hotel bill, had skipped several court hearings before finally deciding to appear on Monday. However, the decision appeared too late as Judge Ochoa was visibly infuriated. Ochoa, who considered the Quaids’ actions “disrespectful,” punished the eccentric couple by having them locked up for about four hours. Another thing that may have pissed the judge off was Randy’s bringing of his Golden Globe best-actor trophy to court. Santa Barbara Senior Deputy District Attorney Arnie Tolks said Ochoa “didn’t like them flashing their Golden Globe around at the last court appearance.”

The next hearing is scheduled on Wednesday, but considering the Quaids’ previous actions, it is still not clear if the two will appear this time.