Rape charge against Copperfield dropped

David Copperfield gives a new meaning to the word “escape artist”, “illusionist” and “magician”.

The woman, who accused the world famous American illusionist of using his “sleight of hand” to trick her into going going to the Bahamas only to sexually assault her, has dropped the charges.

Lacey Carroll, 23, cried that she’s “had enough” of the legal obstacles posed by Copperfield’s camp and the constant surveillance of her family, friends, and co-workers.

The two supposedly during Copperfield’s show in Kennewick, Washington, last January 2007. Carroll said she was singled out from the crowd and asked to go on stage. When she went to the Bahamas to visit the magician, she had been sexually assaulted and traumatized.

Last January, Copperfield was cleared of the charges.

Celebrity news source TMZ revealed that Carroll was later charged for a separate case which did not involve Copperfield for filing a false police report and for prostitution.