Rare Audrey Hepburn Stamps Sold at Auction for 600,000 Dollars

Audrey_HepburnA sheet of 10 stamps featuring the Hollywood legendary actress Audrey Hepburn was sold at an auction in Berlin, Germany Saturday, October 16, for 430,000 Euros (377,000 British pounds or 606,000 US dollars).

The sheet of stamps depicts Hepburn smoking in the 1963 film Charade. They were a part of 14 million stamps printed by the country’s national post office in 2001. They were destroyed, however, because rights to use the image have not been obtained successfully during that time.

Of the millions printed, only 6 sheets of ten stamps apiece survived.

The proceeds from the sale of the stamp will go to UNICEF Schools for Africa (1/3) and the Audrey Hepburn Children’s Fund (2/3).

Sean Ferrer, son of Hepburn, has expressed pleasure with the amount reached for the stamps, which he owned, prior to the auction. He is chairman of the Audrey Hepburn Children’s Fund. He however wished that it could have been sold at a much higher price.

Ironically, Ferrer was the one who refused the rights in 2001. He said that the picture was actually altered.